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Risk-focused Investment Advisory 

and Fund Management

Neo Risk Investment Advisors Limited is a Hong Kong SFC-registered investment advisor and fund manager.


We take an innovative approach to investing that focuses on risk management to deliver superior investment results.  Our approach enables us to construct investment portfolios that are resilient in volatile markets; our aim is to control risk and limit losses when markets are weak.


We use a variety of tools that are grounded in academic research but have been tested in the real world to measure, monitor and manage risk actively, including quantitative risk modeling, advanced asset allocation and derivatives.


The NeoRisk management team, led by Dr. Harold Kim, formed the core of an award-winning multi-asset investor business at an industry-leading investment firm, with decades of experience in Asian markets.  



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We have a team with decades of experience in sales, structuring and trading in Asian markets, specializing in derivatives, quantitative modeling and asset allocation.

Harold Kim

Dr. Harold Kim is the founder and CEO of Neo Risk Investment Advisors. He was the managing director and head of regional multi-asset investor derivatives for Citi Asia, where he spent 20 years after originally starting at Salomon Brothers in New York. He is also an adjunct professor of finance at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Board Chair of the Hong Kong International School and the former President of the American Club Hong Kong.  Dr. Kim has a BA from Harvard University and a PhD from Princeton University in economics and finance.

Harold Kim, PhD
Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO

Yeong Loh, PhD
IMG_9440 v2.jpg
Head of Quantitative Research

Head of Quantitative Research

Yeong Loh, PhD
Dr. Yeong Loh is the head of quantitative research.  Prior to joining NeoRisk, he was a quantitative investment strategist at Nomura and multi-asset quantitative and derivative researcher at  Citi.  In addition, Dr. Loh spent seven years as an astrophysicist at UCLA and the University of Colorado, Boulder. 
He has a BA from Harvard University and a PhD from Princeton University, both in physics.
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Risk and Investment Consulting

We consult with clients on a variety of risk and investment topics, including issues related to derivatives structuring, pricing, trading and risk management; algorithmic and quantitative strategies; and advanced asset allocation models and portfolio construction.

Investment Advisory

We work as investment advisors and sub-advisors with clients to tailor their investment exposure and improve performance. We use derivatives, quantitative models and asset allocation as our tools. The advisory approach is very much client-driven and meant to provide a solution to client issues and problems. Typical issues include hedging, risk and liability management, capital preservation and yield enhancement.

Fund Management

We have the expertise, systems and infrastructure to serve as fund managers for clients who require a packaged fund product for distribution or require the expertise to manage derivatives, quantitative model-driven investments or risk management strategies. 

We currently manage two funds, including the Neo Risk REAP Asia Equity Fund, which incorporates our risk-focused investment approach.

ETF Managed Account

Our ETF Managed Account Portfolio (MAP) Program combines the efficiency,
cost and performance advantages of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) with the managed account technology of Interactive Brokers. We manage bespoke, globally diversified, dynamically risk-managed, liquid portfolios on behalf of
investors directly in their own accounts.



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Neo Risk Investment Advisors Limited
Unit 9, 10/F, W50,
50 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3618 4556
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